Filming conference events

Круглый стол Кинематограф. Стриминг и прямая трансляция
Представители творческих союзов. Стриминг и прямая трансляция
Прямая трансляция и запись конференции KMF. Часть - 1
KMF Часть-2. Конференция финансовой организации KMF. Видеоcъемка и прямая трансляция
Прямая трансляция и запись медицинской конференции в Алматы.
Прямая трансляция и запись медицинской конференции в Алматы. Часть - 2
Прямая трансляция и запись медицинской конференции в Алматы. Часть - 3
KPMG Трансляция в записи конференции. Заказчик - KPMG. Часть - 1
KPMG Трансляция в записи конференции. Заказчик - KPMG. Часть - 2
KPMG Трансляция и видеосъемка конференции. Заказчик - KPMG. Часть - 3
видео фотосъемка конференций KPMG: часть 4
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 15
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 16
видеосъемка онлайн курсы 17

Professional conference videos

Unlock the full potential of your conference by leveraging the transformative power of video production. We are your dedicated partner, guiding you through every step of the process to ensure that your conference video not only stands out but vividly captures the unique essence of your event.

Embark on a journey with us as we meticulously curate a video masterpiece that highlights the key moments and distinctive features that set your conference apart. Our comprehensive approach encompasses pre-production planning, skilled execution during the event, and seamless post-production editing.

corporate video production

Video production

Utilizing state-of-the-art video production techniques and equipment, we craft a narrative that encapsulates the vibrancy of your conference. Our team captures the nuances and highlights, ensuring that the video becomes a compelling representation of the depth and significance of your event.

From compelling keynote speeches to interactive sessions, our expertise in video production allows us to showcase the best moments with clarity and impact. We employ advanced cinematography techniques, leveraging high-quality cameras, professional lighting setups, and creative editing to bring your conference to life on screen.

Choose excellence in video production to elevate your conference highlights, providing your audience with a visually stunning and immersive experience. Partner with us to redefine the narrative of your conference, making it a visual spectacle that resonates long after the event has concluded.

Real cinema cameras

Immerse your conference in the cinematic realm with our cutting-edge video production services, as we go beyond conventional boundaries to deliver an unparalleled visual experience. Our commitment to excellence extends to the use of real cinema cameras and lenses, elevating the production quality to new heights.

Embarking on a journey with us means harnessing the power of 4K resolution, as we meticulously capture every detail of your conference in stunning clarity. Our choice of Apple ProRes ensures optimal video quality, providing a robust foundation for post-production endeavors.

Filming conferences and business videos

Video in 10 bit. 1,07 billion colors

Delving even deeper, our video production process operates in the realm of 10-bit color, boasting an impressive palette of 1.07 billion colors. This extensive color depth enhances the richness and vibrancy of your conference footage, adding a layer of realism that goes beyond standard video production.

Our utilization of advanced cinema cameras and lenses brings a cinematic flair to your conference video, elevating it to a level that transcends traditional recording. The result is a visually captivating narrative that not only documents but encapsulates the essence of your conference with unmatched precision.

Partnering with us means embracing a commitment to excellence in every frame, where each shot is meticulously crafted to showcase the intricacies and brilliance of your conference. Make a lasting impact on your audience with a conference video that is not just a recording but a cinematic masterpiece, skillfully produced in 4K, Apple ProRes, and 10-bit color.

Filming Conference Presentations: Pre-Shoot Checklist

At first glance, capturing a presentation during a conference may appear deceptively simple. One might think all it takes is positioning a camera on a tripod at the rear of the room, pointing it towards the front, and hitting the record button, correct?

While this approach may suffice in some cases, to consistently achieve optimal results, it becomes imperative to furnish details that empower the production crew to strategize the most efficient filming techniques.

What specific information can enhance our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes?

Contact Details for Your A/V Team

Contact Details for Your A/V TeamEnsuring seamless communication and coordination between our camera crew and the Audio/Visual (A/V) team is crucial for capturing a conference presentation in pristine 4K quality. The provision of clean, high-quality audio is paramount, and in most cases, the venue will have a dedicated A/V team managing the sound setup. To optimize audio recording, our camera crew can connect directly to their sound desk through a cable. This eliminates the need for speakers to use multiple microphones and prevents any equipment conflicts. Scheduling a pre-conference call between our camera team and the A/V team facilitates a clear understanding of requirements from both parties.

видео фотосъемка конференций KPMG: часть 4

Number of Presenters

Understanding the dynamics of the presentation is essential, especially if there will be multiple speakers or a panel discussion. The number of cameras required, their positioning, and the approach to audio recording may vary based on the structure of the event.

Presentation Slide Content

Gaining insights into the nature of the presentation slides is valuable for tailoring our filming approach. Details such as the complexity of the slides, the presence of animations or videos, and the file format used (other than PowerPoint) provide essential context. Access to the original PowerPoint files on the day enables our crew to overlay slides seamlessly onto the footage. These considerations play a significant role in determining the most effective filming strategy.

Presenter's Use of Slides

It is equally important to ascertain whether the presenter intends to use slides at all, as not every speaker follows this format."

Audience Engagement

Creating an engaging presentation involves active audience participation, a factor crucial to consider for our camera crew preparing to film in high-quality 4K format. To effectively capture interactive sessions, a minimum of 2 cameras is recommended, along with thoughtful audio management. Using a roving handheld or boom microphone is a common practice, ensuring dynamic audience involvement is seamlessly integrated into the video. However, careful positioning of personnel to swiftly move microphones to where they are needed is essential to avoid disruptions that may impact the edited video.

Lighting Considerations

Contrary to popular belief, the primary lighting challenge for a camera team at a conference is often not the overall ambient light but the contrast between a brilliantly lit screen and a dimly lit lectern or podium. Additionally, the presence of a narrow spotlight on the stage can pose challenges if the presenter moves out of its focus. Recognizing these potential issues allows our team to come prepared with effective solutions.

Room Layout

For multi-camera shoots, understanding the layout of the room is invaluable. Knowledge of the room's configuration aids in determining optimal camera positions and ensures freedom of movement for each camera. Conducting a pre-shoot location reconnaissance, ideally when the room is set up as it will be on the event day, is the best approach if time permits.

By considering these factors, you ensure that our team is well-prepared to deliver top-quality results when filming conference presentations in 4K ProRes 422, utilizing real cinema cameras and lenses."