Wedding video in Almaty

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our services! Our company now specializes in wedding cinematograpy, using real cinema cameras and cinema lenses. Capture your unforgettable love story with a gorgeous cinematic aesthetic.


Wedding is a special event in the life of every person. On this day, newlyweds want to capture all the brightest moments of their lives. And for sure they will want to keep in memory this day for a lifetime. That is why wedding videography is an indispensable attribute of the wedding.


Videogrpaher in Almaty

Wedding cinematography

A new trend in the world of wedding videography: short films instead of regular videos. There are always new trends in the wedding industry, and today we will tell you about the most interesting and unusual of them. The new trend is shooting a wedding short movie.

What is the essence of such an idea? In addition to the usual wedding video, which is several hours of material with a chronological record of events, we offer you to shoot a short movie. Such a movie has its own plot, characters, dramatic conflict, emotional intensity and quality picture.

You will be the star of the movie

Of course, in the creation of a wedding short film involves a whole team of professionals: director, cameraman, sound engineer, editor, etc. But the result is worth it: a beautiful, emotional and unforgettable work, which can be saved for many years.

Moreover, the production of wedding short films is becoming more and more accessible. In large cities there are specialized film studios that are engaged in shooting short films to order. Clients can choose a ready-made script or order their own, under their individual needs and tastes.

Advantages of the movie

Wedding videography in Almaty

The advantages of such wedding videography are multifaceted. First, a short movie allows newlyweds to preserve their memories in the format of a real movie that can be revisited at any time. This is a much more effective way of preserving memories than conventional photography, which can leave many missed moments.

Secondly, a short movie creates a spectacular experience for the newlyweds themselves and their guests. When the couple presents their wedding movie production at a gala dinner or views it with friends and family, it creates a great atmosphere and increases the level of excitement.

Third, professional short films are a very personalized and unique approach to preserving the memories of a wedding. The script is created specifically for the couple and their love story, making each piece unique and original.


How much does it cost to shoot a wedding?

For many years our company has been videotaping various events, and we are grateful to all our clients for their trust and support. Our experience in videography helped us to develop and improve, and now we confidently declare our new step in the movie industry.

Filming weddings has become not only a professional growth for us but also a true calling. We believe in the magic of the moment when two hearts are united for life, and we want to preserve this magic forever. Our wedding films become true family values that are passed down from generation to generation.


Wedding Movie

With every new wedding project, we are inspired and strive to make it special and unique. Every love story has its own nuances and peculiarities, and that's why we approach each client with individual attention. We realize that a wedding is not just an event, it is a sacred moment that should be captured with tenderness and care.