Commercial Video Production

Want to make a quality video or music video?

It's easy if you use digital cinema equipment. Almost all new material to be shown on TV or online is shot on certain cameras and lenses, so that the viewer enjoys the image and the level of consumer confidence increases.

Professional and quality video production. On our website you will find examples of videos for various companies. Production of video clips and video advertising is the main direction of the studio's work.

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Marketing videos in Almaty

How much does it cost to film a corporate video?

Video filming of commercials of the most different orientation at the most democratic prices. The price for video clips is formed from what exactly the customer wants to get.We produce commercials for TV channels and social networks. Short and capacious video clips that clearly reflect the direction of the company or emphasize the positive aspects of the product or services. Sometimes everyone is interested in the question, whether to order a professional video in a video studio or to make video advertising yourself? Indeed, if you consider the trends of advertising, you will notice that simple cuts taken from a cell phone sometimes have significantly more views and effect than video advertising from a well-known branding company. Given that the budgets of such videos are simply incomparable, it seems that homemade simple advertising shot on the phone will have a greater eeffect, due to the truthfulness and originality. In reality, it will be quite the opposite.

Commercial video production

Commercial video production

Creation and production of videos at affordable prices in a short time. The order for video advertising production received from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan required a very tight deadline to prepare a high-quality review film. We fulfilled the work in time and received further recommendations for shooting report videos for the company's partners.

Creating a video starts with a storyboard. Like a theater that begins with a coat rack, all videos are initially presented in the form of graphic sketches. Having a visual idea of how your video advertisement will look like in the end, you can make changes and adjustments to your video before filming begins, thus reducing production time and increasing the quality of the final material.

The 10-bit speed and ProRes format have become an integral part of our movie production. When we pick up our cameras with 10-bit recording capabilities, we are exposed to a wide range of colors and tones, allowing us to take our creative ideas to the next level. Every pixel becomes a precious element, capable of preserving the smallest details and subtle transitions that give video richness and depth.

ProRes format becomes a reliable ally in our creativity, providing high image quality and minimal compression loss. This format gives us flexibility in the post-production process, allowing us to losslessly adjust color correction to create the perfect visual style and atmosphere for each video.

Commercial video production in Almaty

Cinema lighting

Lighting is like a magical tool that we use to create unique moods and emotions on screen. Each light fixture becomes our paintbrush and the stage becomes the canvas on which we paint visuals. We use a variety of light sources, from soft fixtures to hard spots, to control shadows and highlight key details in the frame.

Special attention is paid to multidimensional lighting to create three-dimensional and emotionally rich scenes. We strive to emphasize the contours of objects, create a play of light and shadow to make the scene come alive and take the viewer by the soul. Each lighting accent complements the overall visual story and gives the movie a unique style.

All of these technical details and elements of filmmaking come together under the guidance of our creative team. Every shot, every camera movement, every play of light is built with a love for the art of filmmaking and a desire to create a work that mesmerizes the viewer and leaves an unforgettable mark on their heart. As directors and cinematographers, we are in constant search of new technical and artistic solutions to continue to improve and create unique cinematic masterpieces.


Storyboarding and directing

In the world of filmmaking, a storyboard for a video is the same as a script for a movie. It is as important to a commercial as the idea is to the entire project. Our company has a deep understanding of this process and it is thanks to this awareness that we are able to shoot videos quickly, efficiently and flawlessly.

Thorough preparation before shooting is the key to getting a perfect video clip. We adhere to this principle and pay special attention to the preparation of the shooting process. Using the knowledge and experience gained during our studies at Vancouver Film School (BC, Canada) and practical work on television (Channel 31, STV, Kazakhstan-1), we are guided by Eisenstein's creative approach to directing, considering his contribution to world cinema invaluable and fundamental.

Like Eisenstein, we believe that directing is not just the process of filming, but the art of creating a cinematic work. We strive to utilize his techniques and approaches to make each of our promotional videos unique and compelling.


Our team of filmmaking professionals skillfully combines creative ideas with technical prowess to produce videos that not only grab attention, but also emotionally touch viewers. We strive for perfection in every detail, from the selection of locations to the use of lighting and sound effects.

Working with us, you get not just a video, but a full-fledged cinematic work that will leave a bright mark in the hearts of the audience. We are proud that our videos are not only of high quality, but also have a deep meaning that conveys your unique idea and delights the audience.

We are ready to translate your promotional idea into a unique cinematic piece that will inspire and capture attention. Contact us and trust the professionals to create a video that will be remembered for a long time and emphasize the personality of your brand.

In the skillful hands of cinematography, shooting in 10-bit and using the ProRes format become priceless treasures. Every pixel on the screen turns into a picturesque mosaic pattern of vibrant colors and hues, as if an artistic brush is painting a canvas. Like a painting in motion, video comes to life like a spell and captivates viewers with its beauty.

Professional cinema cameras

Professional 10-bit cameras capture subtle transitions, giving the image depth and expression. Each note of color in this symphony becomes a harmonious component of the overall work. And as in art, so in film production, each detail has its own meaning, it composes the overall mosaic portrait, where the ability to mix and harmonize colors gives the video a special charm.

The ProRes format is an iconic tool in our filmmaking workshop. It is a solid foundation for artistic experimentation and possibilities in the post-production process. Each ProRes format frame dances in perfection, preserving the richness of color and detail that allows us to create beautiful cinematic masterpieces.

Lighting is the art of creating magic on stage. We experiment with shadows and light like an artist who has discovered a new way to express his creativity. Each light ray becomes part of the story, creates a unique atmosphere and emphasizes the main accents, like dew drops on a flower petal, giving it a magical sparkle.

The inspiration that permeates our work is similar to the painting of nature. Each project becomes a small world in which cinematography becomes a string that we affectionately sound. We create cinematic reveries as if they were painted on the pages of poetry, where every word and image dances in unison.

In this world of filmmaking, we marvel at the beauty and perfection of each frame. Each frame is a unique portrait of a time that captures the emotions vibrating in the air. Each film is a piece of our soul, which we gladly give to our viewers so that they can plunge into the world of our cinematographic art and experience its great magic.