Professional Videography in Almaty

10 bit, Apple ProRes

*8 bit shooting on DSLRs is no longer provided

🎥 Exciting News Alert! 🎬

We're thrilled to share a major upgrade in our video production quality!

Previously, most of the videos on our website were shot in 8-bit MJPEG format. However, we've recently made a significant leap forward by transitioning to using real cinema cameras. These cutting-edge cameras capture footage in stunning 10-bit Apple ProRes format, delivering unparalleled clarity and richness in color.

1 billion or 16 million?

Regardless of the format, Full HD, 4K, 5K or 6K, our cameras record a 10 bit image capturing 1,070,000,000,000 (1.07 billion) colors, versus the 16,000,000,000 (16 million) colors that a typical 8 bit DSLR camera records and that most studios in Almaty offer. It's like comparing the number of people in China with the population of Kazakhstan. Approximately, you have understood the difference.

Videography in Almaty

Unique Wedding Videography in Almaty. 4K ProRes 10 bit quality.

Our wedding videography services in Almaty bring something unique to your life - 4K ProRes 10 bit shooting. This advanced technology allows you to capture every detail of your celebration with stunning clarity and color saturation. The 10 bit color advantage of 1.07 billion shades of color guarantees deep, cinematic images, making your wedding film a true work of art.

Share Your Love: With Videography by Us

By choosing us for wedding videography in Almaty, you are choosing not just a service, but a magical moment that will last forever. Trust us to catch every happy moment and create for you a unique wedding movie that will be a memory for a lifetime.

Video in 4K, 5K, 6K quality

We give you the option to choose between 4K, 5K and 6K formats in 10 bit Apple ProRes standard. This means your ads will not only be memorable, but also as crisp as possible, even on the most modern screens.

Experience and Satisfied Customers

Our achievements are measured not only by technical parameters, but also by the smiles of our customers. We pride ourselves on creating not just videos, but stories that touch hearts and leave a mark on memories. We strive to ensure that each project not only meets, but exceeds our clients' expectations.

videography in Almaty

Video production in Almaty

At our video production studio in Almaty, we not only ensure technical quality, but also fully immerse ourselves in each project. We use advanced methods and technologies to create video content that is not only creative, but also technically up-to-date.

Script Development:

Script development is a key step in the creation of a video, determining the effectiveness of communicating brand ideas and messages to the target audience. Our staff has the skills to turn an idea into a structured and compelling script. An effective script is an integral part of a successful video that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

Professional Sound:

Professional sound recording is an integral part of our video production in Almaty. Our goal is not only to create quality videos, but also to ensure that the sound quality is crystal clear.

Specifications of our quality audio recording process: The use of XLR cables made of monocrystalline silver in audio recording is a key technical aspect that ensures outstanding sound quality. Monocrystalline silver provides high electrical conductivity and minimizes signal loss during transmission.

Professional Lighting:

Special attention is given to professional lighting to make every shot look perfect. We use advanced lighting techniques that emphasize details, create atmosphere and enhance the overall visual experience. Every element of the scene is taken into consideration to create the perfect environment for your content.

Key Accomplishments:

Extensive Experience: Over twenty years of experience in video production provides confidence in the professionalism and quality of my videography.

Vancouver Film School Education: My education at VFS Vancouver Film School gives my work a cinematic dimension, distinguishing each project by its uniqueness and meticulousness in execution.